Feb 10, 2021

How I'm Using The Love Languages To Show Myself Love This Valentines Day

I'm a hopeless romantic.

Long Sunday walks, romantic date nights, Netflix marathons cuddled up in a blanket. There's only one problem... I'm single. I think a lot of my life I've focused too hard on looking for love in other people, which has caused me to fall for the wrong people, and I've never taken the opportunity to step back and find love within myself. Over the last 6 months I've been practising self care and self love so much more, and this Valentines I'm going to do just that by using Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages to show myself some TLC and I'm going to share how you can too! Quality Time I'm someone who has a constant to-do list that never seems to end. I'm always on the go and I never fully allow myself to take time out and just relax without feeling guilty, so this Valentines Day I'm going to allow myself to take a day off to spend some quality time with myself. What this will look like I'm not sure right now, but on Sunday whatever I feel like doing I'm going to allow myself to do. Do I want to lounge on the sofa all day watching films? Great. Do I want to spend the day pampering myself? Do it. I'm going to switch off from the rest of the world and focus on me for the day. Words of Affirmation This love languages uses words to affirm other people so I'll be using words to affirm myself through reading. Words are extremely powerful and can hold a lot of meaning and power so I love to read self-development books and I tend to read near enough every night before I go to sleep. I'm nearly at the end of the current book I'm reading, Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King, so on Sunday I should be able to start a new one that will give me more knowledge and more affirmation. Physical Touch Now since I live alone and I won't be spending Valentines Day with anyone, this one's quite tricky because I don't think giving myself a hug will cut it... Instead I'm going to interpret this as spending all day in comfy clothes whether that's my pyjamas, dressing gown or joggers with my hair in a bun and no makeup. If I'm spending time on the sofa, best believe I will be wrapped in about 5 blankets too! Gifts It's very important to know which love language is your personal love language, and gifts is definitely mine! I don't care about monetary value but rather the symbolic thought behind gifts. If someone went to the shop and surprised me by getting a Mars Bar it would literally make my day, for example. I have quite a few things saved to my Amazon wishlist so Valentines Day would be a good excuse to get out the bank card and treat myself or I could even buy some flowers for the apartment or order a takeaway for lunch. Acts of Service This love language is for people who believe that actions speak louder than words to show them that they're special. As Valentines Day falls on a Sunday this year, what better way to show myself I'm special than eating whatever the hell I want to eat and cooking myself a huge Sunday dinner! Food is something in life which instantly makes me happy, so Valentines Day will definitely be a day to indulge! How will you be spending this Valentines Day?

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  1. Love this post. My Valentine's will be very similar. I love a Sunday roast, whatever day of the week it is! x


  2. Beautifully written post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Diana, Guid to Choose Bridal Jewellery

  3. I spent valentines the very same. Lovely hot bath, candles, cozy pjs, takeout put on my fav film and journaled before bed. 👌🏽😊 - x

    ThisIsLavinya - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  4. My Valentine's was the same, sat in my comfies with loads of chocolate. I do need to get on with reading more self development books though.

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

    1. That sounds like the perrrrfect Valentines day!x

  5. Great choice and review. These all sound so good!!


    Diana, Semi Formal Hijab Outfit Ideas

  6. I passed my Valentine with my best friend :) we ate together, saw a film, and warmed up ourself by the fireplace :) the little things are the most beautiful and precious. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I loved them. Wish you the best!

    xx Dasynka


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