Jan 6, 2021

Healthy Habits To Adopt This New Year


I've officially eaten my body weight in pigs in blankets to the point that I now resemble one and had a blood flow consisting of 95% alcohol, nothing new there then... But now it's time to take on a new year, create new healthy habits and work towards achieving my goals.

I'm someone who when it reaches December 1st I'm already in the shops looking for a new diary, updating my vision board and reflecting on the past 365 days. I think its crucial to make a conscious effort to try and make each year better than the last one so if you feel the same, I've got 5 tips to help make sure you continually grow and develop throughout 2021!


Life is chaotic. Whether it's a never ending to-do list or a worldwide pandemic, life can come at you fast. One thing I learnt is important after reading Vex King's book, Good Vibes Good Life, is that we often either live in fear of the future or replay the past so much that we forget to live in the moment. After reading this, I realised that I was so guilty of this. I'm always thinking of what's coming next or fixating on traumas of the past that I forget to be mindful of the present.

Sounds familiar? A great way to become more mindful is through meditation and gratitude. Make a promise to yourself to dedicate a minimum of 15-20 minutes every day to meditation and writing down what you are thankful for. Being present in the moment may be difficult at first, but your brain is a muscle, so the more you exercise it the better you will become. Trust me, over time you will begin to see a difference in how you observe your thoughts and react to situations, plus your mental health will thank you for it.


It's scientifically proven that when your surroundings are clear and organised you're more likely to be more relaxed, focused and productive. With a new year comes change, so why not play around with the layout of your apartment, house or bedroom to complement this new shift. If it is difficult to change the layout, then why not go shopping for new photo frames, candles, blankets and pillows. Who doesn't love a good B&M trip?!


I never used to like exercise but I came to realise that was because I had this image in my head of exercise being running on the treadmill for 30 minutes and lifting heavy weights. There are so many different ways you can exercise - yoga, zumba, boxfit, dance, walking, swimming, and lucky for you I created a whole blog post on different ways to stay fit. By finding what you enjoy and switching it up every few weeks, I guarantee that you will begin to fall in love with exercising.


We get so caught up in our daily lives that most of us actually forget to take time out and take care of ourselves. Self care should be an integral part of our routines, whether that's by having a pamper day, visiting a spa, journaling, watching your favourite film, learning something new, reading... the list goes on!


Stop with the mentality of "I'll start tomorrow," "I'll start next week," "I'll start next month." Start NOW. The time you waste waiting can be put to good use in helping you achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently. Nobody is going to drag you out of  bed each morning and motivate you to achieve what you want to, you need to learn how to motivate yourself!

2020 is definitely a year none of us will ever forget, but I hope each and every one of you reading this has the best 2021 with plenty of positivity, opportunities and blessings!

What do you hope to achieve this New Year?

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  1. I used to be bad about "starting next week", I have found that if I actually do what I saw I want to do when I think about it, I am more likely to stick with it!

    Ashlee | https://www.alignedwithash.com

  2. Happy new year, I hope you have a good one! This is such a great post. Totally agree with you on the exercise. Once you find something you enjoy it doesn't feel like exercise and it's much more enjoyable xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

  3. I rearranged my bedroom all the time because it's like a safe haven to me and I'm pretty much happy with how it looks now. Sometimes, that's all you need even though you're extremely tired. The result definitely will make you beyond happy! xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

    1. Exactly, although it's the same space it can feel brand new and make you feel more refreshed! xx

  4. I definitely need to do some decluttering and rearranging in my room, always feels so good when you get some stuff out :)


    1. It definitely leaves you feeling more refreshed!

  5. Happy new year! These are great tips, especially the mindfulness one! I enjoy spending time with my kids as it's all about being in the moment and being present :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) It's a quiet one at home here, Brisbane is on a 3 day lockdown as we have had the first case of the virus outside of quarantine in over 3 months!

    Away From Blue

    1. Happy new year to you too! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

      Oh no! I hope everything returns back to normal for you soon! x


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