Dec 13, 2020

The Skincare Edit: Rituals Review

I've been a big fan of Rituals for a while now. 

I was first introduced to the brand back in 2016 when I lived in France. They opened a new store in the area that I lived and I remember being amazed at the quality of their products and in-store experience for such affordable prices!

4 years on and I'm still working my way through their various products. Last week I took a trip to The Trafford Centre (remind me never to go there on a Saturday after lockdown rules have just been lifted...) and picked up even more to try; a shower oil and a shower scrub. I've been using them both for the past week, so I thought I'd do a review for those of you wanting to try the brand for themselves or pick up some products as Christmas gifts!

The Ritual of Happy Buddha Shower Oil

It goes without saying that moisturising your body is a must after every shower or bath to lock in the skins moisture and achieve soft, glowing skin. This shower oil is super hydrating and turns into a silky foam when it comes into contact with water. This is great for people who suffer with dry skin or those who hate the feeling of applying body butter after the shower. It really helps nourish and hydrate your skin while also leaving a subtle scent. The bottle contains 200ml of product but a little goes a long way, making it last.

Not only is the product itself great, but the branding of the bottle is sleek and classy which makes it look great and luxurious in the bathroom. Slowly but surely my bathroom is turning into a show room for Rituals... but I'm totally okay with that.

The Ritual of Happy Buddha Shower Scrub

I am an advocate for shower scrubs and I own way more than the average person should probably own at one time. They are great for removing dead skin cells, balancing out dark patches, softening the skin and so much more. Rituals sold two types of shower scrubs, this one for £9.90 and a larger sea salt scrub for £14.90.

Now, I haven't tried the sea salt scrub but if I'm being honest, I probably won't bother because I am in love with the one I picked up! Sometimes shower scrubs can be quite harsh on the skin and contain large salt or sugar particles, but this scrub contains very fine pieces, almost like grains of sand, which gives an amazing exfoliation. When rubbing on the skin it also foams up the slightest bit which leaves your skin feeling smooth, almost like the effect of the shower oil. If you try and love the scent of the The Ritual of Happy Buddha shower oil then you are definitely going to love the smell of this scrub because the scent is much stronger.

If you don't own a shower scrub, especially this one from Rituals, then you now know what to add to the top of your skincare shopping list.

Overall both of these products make shower times much more luxurious and if you're wanting to achieve an at-home spa day or just have an ultimate relaxation session, you 100% need these products in your life!

Have you ever tried any products from Rituals?

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  1. The shower oil sound amazing! I love their shower foams! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

    1. I've tried the shower foams too, they're great! x

  2. Oh I love the sound of these! Using an exfoliator and oil after a bath has been so good for my dry skin recently. I'll definitely have to check these one's out. They sound amazing xx

    Lauren |

    1. Definitely treat yourself to some for Christmas! xx

  3. Great review. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!


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  4. I am so lazy when it comes to body products i.e lotions, oils but an in shower body oil sounds like my cup of tea. x

    1. I'd definitely recommend using a shower oil if you don't like using body lotions! They're super hydrating!x


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