Nov 8, 2020

How To Get Your Curls Back! My Curly Hair Journey Q&A

If you've been reading my blog for a while know you'd know that over the past year I have been taking much more care of my naturally curly hair and have embarked on a healthy hair journey.

I went into this pretty blind and have learnt so much on the way, so I decided to create a YouTube video answering a bunch of questions I wish I'd known before transitioning from my damaged, straight hair to my natural curls.

Make sure to share some of your favourite hair tips in comments! I'd love to know even more.


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  1. You hair is just so gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goooosh your hair is SO beautiful! I feel as though most of us want what we don't have and so with my hair being totally straight, I've always wished for voluminous curly hair haha :) x

    1. That you so much! You're so right, we always want what we can't have - I'm extremely guilty of this sometimes! x


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