Aug 9, 2020

Small Ways To Help Shift Your Mindset

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Lockdown has given me a lot of time to self reflect on the daily subconscious habits that I have which ultimately have an effect on my mood and mindset. Lets just say that the phase of sitting on zoom getting drunk every night didn't do me any favours, so I decided to have a serious talk with myself about ways I could better my mental state and ultimately my life. Wow, deep.

One of my favourite books that I read during lockdown, which you've probably seen plastered all over Instagram, is 'Good Vibes Good Life' by Vex King. I'd been following Vex King on Instagram one year prior to the release of his book as I found that his quotes and phrases really resonated with me and gave a lot of common sense and clarity on topics which I wouldn't have really thought about - kind of as if someone just sat me down and was giving me a pep talk on all aspects of life. So when I saw he'd brought out a book and all the positive praise it was getting, I knew I had to get my hands on it. 

Long story short, I really feel like this book has helped me glow up mentally, so I thought I'd round up the bits which really stood out to me and helped me shift my mindset through this uncertain time.

Appreciate The Little Things
If lockdown has taught me anything, it's that life is too short and too unpredictable to ever take anything for granted - a phrase which you've probably heard loads of times and think is probably cliché, but hear me out. Currently the UK the death toll due to Covid-19 is over 45,000 and rising, but I'm still here - we're still here. In a sense we've been given an opportunity to carry on experiencing life, so it would be ungrateful and disrespectful of us to go back to how we were previously living - whether that's being lazy, unproductive or unappreciative.

Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff and be unhappy, so you truly need to appreciate everything you have in life, no matter how little or how much. If you've always felt stuck in a rut, now is the best time and probably the only time we will get where we can really take a step back and be alone for a while to work on shifting our perspectives, finding new hobbies, work on achieving our goals, and start living a much happier, appreciative life. 

There are so many ways which can help you do this- yoga, mediation, journaling. Small daily changes will lead to a larger, more positive impact. 

Write Down Your Goals
Nothing gets me more excited and motivated than sitting down at the start of the year or start of the month creating a vision board of everything I hope to achieve. You're 42% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down and keep it somewhere where you can see it each day as the more you're exposed to a goal, the more the feeling of wanting to achieve it shifts into your subconscious. Make sure that these goals get you excited though, as if they make you feel anxious, then they're probably not the right goals for you. 

There are so many different ways you can write down your goals. You could simply write them down with pen and paper and stick it to your mirror where you get ready in the morning, create a vision board and put it in a cute frame which matches your room, or you could even create a digital collage of all of your goals and set them as your phone screensaver. 

It's all well and good writing down your goals, but you also need to think of the steps you're going to take to achieve them! If your goal is to make £100,000 in a year then you need to think of tactics that will help you get there such as starting a business, listening to podcasts of successful business people, working on your brands social media for an hour everyday, etc. Doing this will give you the boost in the right direction as you'll have no excuse not to reach your goals!

Address Your Negative Thoughts
Okay, this one is probably the one which is easier said than done. It takes a lot to really sit alone with your thoughts and allow everything to flow into your mind freely, however it's better to address your thoughts than to push them to the back of your mind as ignoring them will only make them reoccur. 

It doesn't take a genius to know that negative thoughts cause anxiety as the brain sees the thought as a danger, however once you take the time to properly address the thought logically, it will no longer affect you in the same way as it will no longer be processed as a threat.

Another great way to address your negative thoughts are to identify your triggers on what causes your vibration to decrease. What are you doing? Who are you around? Where are you? What time is it? Sometimes we may not realise that we have a specific trigger which brings on negative thoughts, so identifying them can help you eliminate them, therefore decreasing the frequency of your negative thoughts.

Get Moving
You knew this one was coming, haha! Sorry to spring this word on you, but EXERCISE! Although it may feel like hell at the time, exercise naturally increases the body's serotonin levels which is a natural happiness chemical. Exercise doesn't always have to be about lifting heavy weights or doing a thousand squats either, find an exercise which you find fun such as sticking on YouTube and doing some zumba, yoga or dance tutorials. Maybe even try to learn a TikTik dance! If you want a list of fun exercises to help get your body moving, then make sure to read my post on fun online workouts to help you stay fit at home.

Do you have any other tips on ways to help shift your mindset? Make sure to leave them in the comments!

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  1. Love this post and your tips! I definitely agree with so much you said. I'm definitely trying to get into that habit of setting monthly goals to keep me focus and direction with what I'm working on to mount up to a bigger goal. I love doing dance workouts when excising. It's the longest type of exercise I've actually managed to stick to. They're so much fun and don't even feel like exercise xx

    Lauren |

    1. Aw, glad to hear you liked the post! Planning my monthly goals help me stay so focused and motivated. Dance workouts are my favourite too - it literally doesn't feel like exercise! x

  2. Very well written tips! Thank you for sharing!



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