Aug 16, 2020

How To Switch Up Your Style

After living in pyjamas and joggers for the past 5 months during lockdown, when the time finally came for me to get glammed up to leave the house, I realised 'I have nothing to wear' and 'I hate all of my clothes.'
Sound familiar?

I've been seeing a lot of people talk about a 'quarantine glow up' and how they're wanting to change their fitness levels, mindset, makeup looks and fashion styles for a whole new post-quarantine self. Since I've been doing the exact same, and been spending a lot of time online shopping, I thought I'd share some of my tips on how I've switched up my style and how you can too!

1. Reorganise Your Wardrobe

When you open your wardrobe are you faced with a messy, unorganised sight of clothes half hanging off their hangers and half in a pile on the floor? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we can become uninspired with our style because we either become overwhelmed at the sight of all our clothes, or we just can't fully remember what we've got in there!

Organising your wardrobe is a must. By taking every single piece of clothing out and placing them back in organised by categories such as colour or item, it will make it easier for you to see everything you own clearly and help you put together outfits every morning, you may even find some item you forgot you had! If you want more in depth tips on how to reorganise your wardrobe, then definitely check out my latest post on how to spring clean your wardrobe.

2. Use Pinterest and Instagram For Inspiration.

The best way to find new styles is to look to others for inspiration and Pinterest and Instagram are your best friends for this! With Pinterest, there are so many boards based around outfit inspiration that you can find by typing in search terms such as 'outfits', 'fashion' and 'style', and once you begin searching for outfit styles, Pinterest will begin suggesting even more on your discover feed! If you want somewhere to start, have a nosey at my Pinterest outfit board.

On Instagram there are sooo many pages of people showing off their style, so any outfit pictures you come across, you have the option to save them in a category to refer back to. You can simply create a category named 'new style' or even create categories of 'daytime outfits', 'nighttime outfits', 'summer outfits' or 'winter outfits', etc.

Once you've found images of styles you like, it's time to shop around to find similar outfit pieces! Sometimes the description of images even say where the items of clothing are from or people tag where they're from, making it super easy to get your hand on them.

3. Accessorise!

Never underestimate the power of accessories. For example, adding some hooped earrings, a belt and a chain detailed bag can take a normal outfit consisting of a plain top and jeans from extremely causal, to more put together in an instant. Accessories should be worn on a day to day basis too, not just when you're wanting to dress up - experiment with dainty jewellery for the day and more statement pieces in the evening.

4. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Usually we're guilty of sticking to the same style and wearing the same outfits over and over again because we're stuck in our comfort zone and automatically assume we won't look good in other things. For example, I hate wearing skirts and haven't worn once since I was about 14 because I just assume they won't suit me. Have I tried one on to give them a chance? No. So how do I know they won't suit me?

Trying out new styles doesn't mean that the outfits are going to be glued onto your body for the rest of your life. Treat yourself to a payday shopping spree and try all the clothes on at home to see what you like and don't like and go from there!

Are you in the process of switching up your style? Let me know your favourite go-to looks at the moment in the comments!

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  1. My closet is a mess right now, and I was thinking I should reorganize it for fall. And I love using Pinterest as well! So much great inspo on there!

    Eileen |

  2. Accessories can make such a difference! I need to expand my jewellery collection x

    Lauren |

    1. I literally ordered some new jewellery yesterday! I usually go for silver but this time I'm trying out gold! x

  3. I love going on Pinterest for fashion inspiration! I always leave feeling excited to style new outfits.


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