Apr 12, 2020

The Secret To My Hair Growth

This time last year I made the decision to ditch my straighteners and try to regain my natural curl pattern to help the health of my hair. I had been straightening my hair near enough every single day for 6 years, and safe to say it was dry, damaged and just not looking its best anymore.

A year later and although my curl pattern isn't completely there, it has become so much stronger and grown to a length I never thought my hair would grow. It's been a lot of trial and error trying to find the right products and the right styling techniques, but at the start of this year I came across a product which changed the game for me, so I need to spill my secret with you! And no, this post isn't sponsored!

A few years ago there was a stage where eeeveryone was promoting hair supplements. They were all over Instagram and even the Kardashians were posting pictures raving about them. I'd never really given hair supplements any thought because I just assumed that they were a fad and that a small gummy wouldn't have much effect.

Oh how I was wrong.

I came across the Hairbust Biotin Chewable Hair Vitamins after noticing the amount of positive reviews they had online. So many people were sharing how the vitamins had helped the length, thickness and health of their hair. So I added a 30 day supply to my basket to give them a go.

The tub contains 30 strawberry/blackcurrant flavoured gummies which you take 2 a day. I didn't see any change in my hair until towards the end of the month when I noticed that it seemed longer, but I didn't know if it was a  placebo effect and I was just convincing myself that they were working. However, people then started commenting on how my hair looked longer without me even saying anything. I also found that the vitamins were helping the health of my nails too. After damaging them so badly with constant acrylics, they had become so brittle. But after taking these vitamins they were starting to grow back a lot stronger and faster.

I've started taking a 30 day supply for one month, having a months break and then starting another 30 day supply. So far so good and I can't wait to see my hair and nails getting stronger and longer month by month!

Have you ever tried Hairburst or any other hair vitamins?

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  1. I haven't tried of Hairburst but I was looking into hair vitamins while I'm in quarantine! Thanks for the review!

    ✰ maidoesthings.com

  2. I would like to try them because they sounds so delicious. Thank you so much for review.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2020/04/nikel-eye-cream-with-chestnut_10.html

  3. These sound really great! I haven't been taking hair supplements for a while, but I saw they really made difference when I did :)


    1. I actually can't believe the difference they make! x

  4. Yes I received them in a beauty box and even though I don't see any big change (but I already have a lot of hair) I like the flavour!(:

    Cate ☾ 35mm in Style | Photography + Blogging

    1. I really want to try a beauty box, they seem to have amazing things in them! x


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