Apr 8, 2020

New Beauty Buy: The Ordinary Review

As I said in my carrot butter cleanser reviewI've found that less is definitely more when it comes to skincare for my skin, so I restrict product usage on my face as much as possible and when I do use products, I like to make sure that they are natural as possible. That's why when I decided to try The Ordinary, which uses all natural ingredients and chemicals, I basically added everything to my basket, (the best feeling ever).

When I was researching about the brand I came across a lot of mixed reviews. Some people absolutely raved about the products while others said that they made them break out and that the formulas didn't agree with their skin. As everyone's skin is different, I decided to buy them, and I've been using them for long enough to share my thoughts with you!

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil
The main benefit of this oil is to hydrate and support healthy skin. Rosehip is known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, making it an effective product to help reduce redness, scars and stretchmarks. A ladies dream in a bottle, am I right?
Due to being a pure oil, the consistency left my face feeling quite damp and oily, so I would definitely recommend using the oil at night before going to bed so the skin has enough time to fully absorb the product. Applying it at the start of the day might leave the face too shiny and a nightmare to apply makeup (We've all been there!)

Hyaluronic Acid 2% and B5
This product was by far the best solution I tried from the brand. It is formulated to hydrate and heal damaged skin, and I agree that it does just that! I tend to use this product in the morning as it absorbs so quickly into the skin and can change my dull looking skin from lack of sleep, to looking more radiant and feeling softer in an instant! This solution has definitely changed the game for me, so if you're looking to try out any of The Ordinary's products, make sure this is the first one in your basket!

Grenactive Retinoid, 2% Emulsion
This serum has been created with the main purpose of targeting signs of ageing. Now, I'm 22 and I know I don't need to start worrying about ageing skin just yet (although prevention is easier than reversal)but I suffer from slight pigmentation on my neck and this formula targets textural irregularities too. The solution is quite oily in consistency, however not as much as the rosehip oil, and it does tend to absorb well after a few minutes. Over a month I have started to notice a slight progression with my pigmentation, so I'm hoping that it can continue to help my skin in looking more consistent overtime. 

Again, this product has the purpose of targeting ageing and textural irregularities, however the difference between this solution and the Grenactive Retinoid is that it contains "Matrixyl 300" - a substance specifically designed to stimulate collagen synthesis and skin repair. This solution absorbed quicker into the skin than the Grenactive Retinoid, making it more suitable for both morning and night usage, whereas I'd only recommend the Grenactive Retinoid for night usage. 

I also bought the AHA 30% + BHA 2& Peeling Solution, however I haven't tried it just yet because my skin is being a bit too temperamental at the moment for me to be applying a peeling solution. But if you would like a review on that once I've tried it, then make sure to let me know!

Have you ever tried any products from The Ordinary?

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    1. They're so good aren't they! I can't wait to try some more! xx

  2. I've loved The Ordinary products before! I find that the acne products are really great and are super affordable!

    xx, mel

  3. I've tried the Buffet, but didn't really see any results with it so I'm bummed because I was so excited about this brand!


    1. Oh no! Maybe some different ones would work better for you! x

  4. I love this brand although I've just used the Hyaluronic acid 2%. I rediscovered mine amongst my other skin care. My skin has been acting up too a few rashes here and there. Great post Chloe : ) xo, stay safe.



    1. They're so good and so inexpensive aren't they! Thank you, stay safe! xx

  5. I love The Ordinary products so much xx


  6. I love The Ordinary. The Hyaluronic acid but my go to is Niacinamide.


  7. I love the Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid, it's so good! xo

    Gemma | Makeup Muddle

  8. Omg I've literally been debating on what products to buy from The Ordinary for a few days now! I'm really interested in trying the brand but am unsure of what products to start with. As soon as I saw the title of this post on your mainpage, I immediately clicked 😂. I've heard great things about the hyaluronic product so that seems to be something I need to get. I was on the fence about The Buffet product. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com

  9. Love the rosehip oil! Hopefully the peeling solution works for you when you can try it - it's one of my favourites from the brand, though definitely not something to use if your skin is feeling sensitive

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I'm so nervous to use it hahah, but I'm going to give it a try soon! xx

  10. I have tried all of these but the Buffet, but after what you have described it defo sounds ideal to add it to my online shopping basket.
    If I can suggest another product from them, give it a try to the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is the best Moisturiser I've tried in years and my skin is a bit sensitive - it's ideal. Also, try the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG - amazing for the undereye bags if you struggle with that :)

    Ana C., www.adreamersland.com

    1. I'd definitely recommend trying Buffet. I've been looking for a new moisturiser so I might give it a go, thank you! x


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