Apr 4, 2020

My Favourite Face Masks For All Skin Types

There's nothing better than chilling out in the evening with a glass of wine, a good film and a face mask (something I'm about to go and do right now actually). I'm someone who owns about 101 different face masks but always tends to use the same select few. I have combination skin which can be very temperamental nearly every day - some days its really dry, some days it's oily, and some days it throws a tantrum and breaks out in blemishes out of nowhere. Because of this, I've got a range of face masks for when my skin is in it's different "moods", so I thought I'd share with you the ones I'm currently reaching for at the moment!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask - Great For Breakouts.
I could go on forever about this face mask because I have been repurchasing it for so many years and is also a face mask that my Mum uses too (and she has absolutely amazing skin!) This product is my absolute holy grail for when I get breakouts because when I get blemishes, I apply a bit of this mask over them which instantly dries them out, and by the next morning they're barely noticeable! I tend to only use this mask directly over blemishes rather than on my whole face because I don't want my skin to get too used to the formula that it becomes less effective. If you're someone who suffers from breakouts quite a bit, then I'd 100% recommend trying this out.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask - Great For Dry Skin.
Korean skincare is known for being one of the most revolutionary skincare industries out there, so I decided to put that to the test and purchase this product which can be used as a normal face mask, a sleeping mask AND a daily moisturiser! Personally, I would definitely not recommend to use this mask as a moisturiser as it is way too oily, but if you have dry skin and are looking for a product to add lots of hydration, this is your answer! The consistency of this product is a bit odd because it is a goo-like texture which applies very thinly, but you only need a tiny bit of this product during each application, so it lasts a long time.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask - Great For Oily Skin.
Although this mask says that it's to help with blemishes, I don't think it works very well at getting rid of / reducing breakouts. Instead, I think this mask works great for oil prone skin since it is a clay mask. Clay masks are known for drying out the skin while drawing out all of the impurities so it leaves your face oil free and mattified. 

These are my three top face masks I'm using this Spring, however I do switch them up throughout the year as the weather changes. If you want to see which other face masks I use, make sure to let me know in the comments!

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